10C REFUND AT COLLECTION POINTS WHEN SOLD IN SA - why don’t more countries do this on canned drinks, surely it would reduce littering…

When broadcasting 4:3 programmes for widescreen television do we really need bright pink borders - surely black is better.

Watching Indian Premier League cricket - Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rising Pune Supergiant. David Warner, Ben Stokes, M.S.Dhoni and impressive Afghan bowler Rashid Khan making a great game to watch.

@manton @help I’ve got a custom domain registered - thedimpause.blog - and asked my domain registar to create an A record pointing to the IP address of pages.micro.blog. This all seems to work, but is this the correct way to do it if not using a sub-domain and CNAME?

Listened to Episode 2 of @collin’s The Run Loop podcast (therunloop.com) with Manton Reece on my walk to work this morning. Very interesting, I will be going back to listen to Episode 1.